dining room update: colour detour

We finally painted the dining room + kitchen this weekend!  You may recall my big plans to paint things a dark, deep blue.  After trying out a patchwork of colours on top of the recent dark green, things took a dramatic turn … for the brighter.

Yep, it’s WHITE.

I decided to go for white after some very, very deep reflection, a.k.a., browsing my pins.  I have to admit I’ve been having some bright white envy after seeing the homes of Emily Henderson and fellow Eichler owner Traci Yau of 45wall design.  And I rather enjoy treating my home as a sort of lab for design experiments!  I’m starting to scheme about painting out all of our dark brown beams and brightening the ceilings, which are currently really off-white.

Anyway, back to the space itself:  To keep things light, I flipped the Nate Berkus rug to its reverse side.  The credenza is now off to the side, just to mix things up a bit, and the art is obviously a bit scattered for now.  I’m pretty keen on getting a huge art piece for the white wall.  I’m in love with the work of Samantha French – her large-scale underwater portraits are stunning, but I might let my eye wander a bit first.  Suggestions for big, abstract-ish art are welcomed!

I’ll update on the kitchen and breakfast nook once I’ve had some time to style them a bit more.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you all think.


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