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July 10, 2013
Aloha, friends!  As you might tell from my posts on Instagram, I’m on a vacation tag-along trip in Maui right now, and so thought it might be fitting to share this as we’re half-way to Japan, right?  I’ll be back next week, in the meantime – hope you’re having a great one!

A few months back, I posted about a certain settee and how it looked like an anime monster.  I only recently noticed that I was getting hits to my blog from searches for terms like “miyazaki furniture” and was a bit puzzled as to why.

After digging around, I was pleased to discover that Miyazaki Chair Factory is a furniture maker in Japan.  And even more pleased to discover that their stuff is A-MAZING.  For the chair-obsessed, like me, these images may be a little too exciting.  Miyazaki’s chairs look handmade and gorgeous and I want to touch ALL of them.

From top:  Hata, Kuku / Kuku Muku, and Pepe

I am in awe of the craftsmanship that goes into these.  You’ve got to love a company that talks about its team of craftsworkers, who use machines as their “extended hands” and are continually honing their skills.  It’s definitely reflected in a product that shows how carefully and beautifully it was made.

While the adorable cantilevered Kuku (in the second and third pictures above) comes in at a close second, the DC09 might be my favourite of all:

A number of the recent chairs at Miyazaki, like the DC09, are by design firm Inoda+Sveje, a Japanese and Danish design duo.  I love this blend of design sensibilities which seems to be best embodied by the DC09.  It’s so reminiscent of Danish v-leg chairs but with a more refined, sculptural quality.  Denmark meets Japan.

Inoda+Sveje’s work also includes the IS sofa.  I am trying to imagine it in person, and it’s making my brain tingle.

Yes.  This thing exists and is a real sofa.  For real.

I think of all of these pieces as works of art.  Indeed they are quite pricey.  But then, maybe you’re in the market for an investment chair or two?  If so, let’s get together and discuss over lunch, please!

Regardless, if you’d like to see more of these beauties, check out Miyazaki Chair Factory, whose site includes a very charming description of each chair and the story behind it plus a peek into their manufacturing process.

(Not a sponsored post.)

All photos via Miyazaki Chair Factory and Inoda+Sveje

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