deciding on a new sofa


I’ve been mulling over how to re-do our living room for while now. With the new year, it’s high time to pull some triggers.  I’ve narrowed my search down to a few top candidates, and I’ll be honest:  I need some backup on this one.  Help! Here are the contenders: 1. Organic Modernism’s Siena Long […]

holiday round-up


Happy New Year, friends!  How was your holiday?  Were you home or away?  We had a full house here with David’s family visiting from Canada.  It was a great Christmas for us, and I wanted to share a bit of it before we’re off to new projects for the year. Here’s the highlight reel: Our […]

new guest bedroom


I promised pretty things a while back. Here we go! We’re getting ready for a very exciting Christmas:  hosting David’s family at our house over the holidays.  It’s five people more than we’re used to, but I am thrilled to have our house a-buzz with festive fun and activity this year.  To make room for […]

eichler closet doors + modern hardware


It’s been a bit quiet around here, since we’ve had a tough couple of weeks, sad and frustrating at the same time. I’ve been coping by working on the house, tuning things up here and there, aggressively painting at times, and purging junk.  And after a nice weekend visiting with friends, my mind and heart […]

ercol sofa


This is a long post, friends.  Please grab yourself a comfy seat and a cup of tea.  We’ve got a furniture restoration project on our hands! Just last week, my husband and I made our almost yearly trek up to visit family in Canada.  This includes a stay in the wilderness known as cottage country […]

fairglen eichler block party


My love for this neighbourhood is huge.  And now that we’ve been here for nearly four years, the block party has become a real pleasure.  I remember going to the first and not knowing anyone.  Fast forward to this past weekend:  we’ve made lots of friends and even took on introducing new neighbours to others […]

new house colours


Those who have been following here a while may recall my earlier post about The Great Home Improvement Snowball Effect.  And my ongoing experiments with colour.  We have arrived at the culmination of the two. I give you: our new exterior. This started off very innocently when we looked at our siding in the front […]

our eichler by night


Big things are happening over here.  Last week, I grabbed my camera one evening to take some pictures of our place after dark.   To capture the calm before the storm, if you will.   We’re in the process of having our house repainted and I am suuuuuper excited.  One huge change is that the […]

living wall update


Hi friends, just a quickie here.  I recently hosted a night of crafting for a couple of close friends, during which this picture was oh so surreptitiously snapped. That’s our living wall, which we love very much.  Looking at this picture, I realized just how much it has filled in and spread out in the […]

eichler spotting: willow glen


I’ve been up to a lot lately, but not a lot of blogging it seems.  I managed to grab my camera on an early morning walk this weekend, so I can give you a peek at another one of the Eichler tracts near where we live. You can find these Eichlers in San Jose, along […]