the great home improvement snowball effect

June 26, 2014

Now that we’ve sorted our closet door situation, I’m back to considering some significant changes we want to make to the house.  When we bought the place, we figured we’d be good for the next five years or so before doing anything big.  Rookie homeowner mistake.  We’re such optimists.

Last year our backyard gate fall apart.  We mended it and it’s now functional, but should ultimately be replaced.  Now, we figure if we’re replacing the gate, probably we should do the fence while we’re at it.  And upon closer inspection the fence really does need help!  Change the fence?  Maybe fix up parts of the yard too.  Fix up the yard?  Probably also the siding, so it doesn’t detract from the landscaping.  Change the siding?  Well, then maybe it’s time for new house colours.  And in an Eichler, that means painting both exterior and interior at the same time.

I give you:  The Great Home Improvement Snowball Effect.

Let’s take some deep breaths.  Better.

Some of you may be wondering why I was painting things white lately, and this is it.  We’ve arrived at a point where we may be changing a lot of things.  The one I’m currently pondering is the colour situation.

It’s not all stress-induced however.  Thanks to my work sabbatical, I’m feeling a lot of love for California lately and especially for the light we get down here.  This is all helping me focus on what I want conceptually for our house:  I want it to feel like we live in California.  Bright.  Not too serious.  Connected to nature.

These interiors are inspiring me lately, and I thought I’d share.

The gorgeous LA living room of Emily Henderson

Ocean-blue colours and perfect burlwood table at Smitten Studio

Quintessential California house tour by Cup Of Jo — check out those white beams!
(In fact, check out the whole house tour, it’s so spot-on.  Later.)

Fresh and eclectic living space in Melbourne, Australia via The Design Files

Living room with a healthy dose of colour and art featured in Inside Out magazine

Perfect vintage Danish sofas and citrus-y colours in a Californian midcentury home via Dwell

White + lots of texture (reminds me of the Parker Palm Springs) via Golden White Decor

For now, I’m going to try and nail down a colour scheme for our house.  Maybe just a shade of white to start.  Small steps.  And we’ll get to that broken gate eventually.

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