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May 20, 2014

Hello friends! It’s been a while! Happily for you, I’m currently on a two month sabbatical from work and intend to use it to blog up a whole bunch of things around here, both Eichler-related and otherwise. I’m traveling for the first four weeks, so I’ll kick this off with a few finds from London where David and I got to spend a lovely week and a half. Things are about to get rather floral and pastel-y in here. Prepare!

Drink, Shop & Do is an adorable shop and crafting space near King’s Cross. We stopped in here for tea and cake one afternoon to take a break from the London crowds.

I think if I lived in this city I’d be guilty of secretly hanging out here all the time. In addition to crafty activities AND tea (my idea of heaven, right there), they host a variety of dance classes and social events. I saw posters for reggae night, a list-making night, and a ‘speed listening’ event for singles. Listening to peoples’ personal music players as a way to meet new friends sounds like great fun. And list-making as a social activity might be a bit scary but in a totally good way, right? You know who you are, fellow compulsive list-makers.

The main space houses a café and bar, with bright white walls and the most perfectly twee décor. A giant pink airplane, glittery fish, and colourful beach balls hang from the ceiling. The tables and chairs are midcentury atomic diner style.  I’m talking formica tops and vinyl upholstered seats.  Tea is served in mismatched vintage teacups.  I could have spent a very, very long time there.

You too can be this happy.  Matching your shirt to the decor is highly recommended, but not required.

Check it out if you’re in London:

Drink, Shop & Do
9 Caledonia Road
London N1 9DX

This is not a sponsored post.

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